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    FREE Insider List of Up-to-Date Foreclosures & Distressed Properties

    Distress Sales resulting from bank foreclosures often represent a great way to get a fantastic deal on a home. Every week, you will receive a FREE computerized report listing the current Foreclosure properties in your desired price range and location...

    How to Buy A Home with Absolutely No Money Down

    A new home ownership program allows qualified buyers to buy a home with absolutely no downpayment. You may need a way to break into the housing market but held back because you thought you required a $10,000, $20,000 or even more for a downpayment...

    DANGER: How to Avoid 9 Common Buyer Traps BEFORE Buying a Home

    For many homebuyers, the process is more expensive than it needs to be because many fall prey to at least a few of many common and costly mistakes which trap them into either paying too much...

    Don't Pay Another Cent in Rent to Your Landlord!

    If you're like most renters, you feel trapped within the walls of a house or apartment that doesn't feel like yours. How could it when you're not even permitted to bang in a nail or two without a hassle...

    BEWARE: 13 Extra Costs You Need to be Prepared for When Purchasing Your Next Home

    Whether you're looking to buy your first home, or trading up to a larger one, there are many costs - on top of the purchase price - that you must figure into your calculation of affordability. These extra fees, such as taxes and other additional costs...

    6 Things You Must Know Before Your Home Purchase

    Subtle changes in the way you approach mortgage shopping, and even small differences in the way you structure your mortgage, can literally cost or save you thousands of dollars and years of expense.

    New Homebuyers' Guide: 10 Tips to Save You Time and Money

    Although most homes for sale are re-sales, one out of four homebuyers purchases a new home. Which is better: existing or new? The right answer, of course, is up to you. Both resales and new homes offer advantages..

    Mortgage Application Checklist - Making Your Life Easier!

    Here's a list of items you need with you when applying for a mortgage. If you're planning on purchasing a home in the near future, this is one checklist you can't do without!

    Best Financing: A 3-Point Plan to Secure the Best Rates When Purchasing

    When you're looking to buy a home, the first thing most homebuyers do is start the process of househunting. However, experience proves that this is one of the last steps you should be taking if...


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